Why You Should Get Glass Balustrades For Your Home

Stylish, modern, simple to maintain and easy clean, glass balustrades are more popular than ever for homes of all sizes.

Allowing more light while creating a feeling of space to any staircase it’s easy to see why as they add the perfect finishing touch to any property.

Still not convinced? Well we’ve taken a look at just why glass balustrades are now the must have addition to any home. 


They add light

Glass is known to add a sophisticated and elegant touch to any house, meaning you can be sure of it adding beauty to your place of residence.

Introducing glass balustrades brings more natural light into your home while transparent borders create the illusion of more space.

Their clean lines allow uninterrupted views of your room or garden while the glass reflects the light, adding to the beauty of your surroundings and giving them a more impressive feel.


They provide safety

While adding sophistication and a contemporary style, both indoors and out, their primary purpose is predominantly as a safety barrier.

Put simply, glass balustrades don’t just look great but they are perfect for keeping people safe too. 

This means they are the perfect option for decking or pool areas, for example, where you need a safety barrier but you don’t necessarily want to obstruct your view.


They are easy to maintain

Maintaining your newly installed glass balustrade really couldn’t be easier and doesn’t require industrial cleaning materials or professional assistance.

Not only do glass balustrades look fabulous, they are also easy to keep clean with glass cleaning products and a lint-free cloth are all you need to keep your new installation in tip-top condition. 

And should your balustrade suffer scratches or any other damage, polishing can restore the glass to the original beauty, which is a major advantage when compared to metal or wood products.


They are long lasting

While materials like wood will require regular maintenance and can corrode over time, glass ages slowly and any slight changes are barely noticeable to the naked eye.

As well as being strong, thick, tempered, safety glass can withstand pretty much any conditions and is very difficult to break.

This means that glass balustrades can last for decades, retaining the beauty they had when they were first installed.


They give a feeling of more space

Another reason why glass balustrades are so common is because this decorative element actually helps to create an illusion of more space in the home.

The illusion created by the glass creates a perception of an openness and a more expansive atmosphere throughout the building.

Think of glass balustrades as a transparent border, offering less resistance to light and creating a more airy appearance and the feeling of greater space. 


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