Why Choose Aluminium Bi Folding Doors?

Whether you call them bi fold doors, bi folding doors or folding sliding doors, this particular type of Aluminium Bi – Folding door is popular due to its versatility and their ease of use – simply open them up and they fold away leaving you to enjoy the outdoors!

When you are considering bi folding doors, it’s likely that you’ve seen lots of different materials associated with them, which can leave many of us feeling confused. Well, not to worry, as if you are thinking about adding some bi fold doors to your home, we’re here to tell you why aluminium should be your number one choice:


1. Enhance Natural Light into Your Home

There is nothing worse than a kitchen or a living room that feels dark and sad, as because of small windows or a lack of windows, you’re just not getting enough natural light into your home. Which is where folding doors come in, as by having a predominately glass wall will instantly let lots of natural light into your home – even on a cloudy day.

Plus, because aluminium bi folding doors are generally far thinner than other materials like PVC and timber, you will get less shadows cast into your home. Which means, on a bright sunny day, your home will be bathed in glorious light.


2. Aluminium Can Look Incredibly Natural

When you think of aluminium, many of us think of a cold and metallic looking material that would be more home in a hospital or office environment. However, aluminium can be mimicked to match the rest of your interior or style – including wood effects – depending on whether you prefer a more traditional or modern look.

Even better, once treated, your aluminium frames will not discolour, peel or even rust, which means very little maintenance on your part. Plus, your aluminium is also recyclable, making it better for the environment.


3. Aluminium Bi Folding Doors Give Your Lots of Options

When it comes to patio-style doors, you want to choose something that will give you lots of options. Which is why bi folding doors are so wonderful. As, depending on what you’d like for a certain day, you can either entirely open your doors, fold them back to have them half open or simply use one door to get and out of your home quickly.

This is also ideal for those with kids and animals, as you can throw your bi fold doors open and let them play away in the garden while you relax with a cup of tea of the sofa – you’ll feel like your outdoors too!


4. Increased Strength and Security

During the manufacturing process, aluminium will be mixed with alloys that make it incredibly strong. This means, that when it comes to your door frames, you don’t need as thick of frames – such as with timber – to provide you with safe and secure doors into your garden.

Bi fold doors also benefit from security mechanisms that are placed in various sections. This allows you have more locking mechanisms compared with sliding doors, which means a greater sense of security for yourself.

Because of the strength of aluminium, you also get a far bigger choice of both where you place your bi folding doors as well as the size. Which means, if you want very large doors, giving you almost a wall-to-ceiling views into your garden, then this is far more likely to be possible.

Similarly, aluminium bi folding doors can be used in more complex parts of your home, such as on corners, giving you far more flexibility.


5. Bi Folding Doors Make Your Room Look Bigger

It’s the top of every homeowners wish list – you want your home to look as big as possible. However, you might not have the room to add or further extend that home. Well, you might be surprised to know that adding aluminium bi folding doors to your house can instantly make a room look a lot bigger.

That’s because, by having a large set of glass panels on your doors you not only let a lot of natural light in, but your outdoor space also feels like a part of that room too. Aluminium frames are also thinner than the likes of traditional French doors, so you don’t need to be worried about bulky frames.

You can also choose which way you’d like your doors to open, meaning if you have a particularly small room, you can open your doors outwards into your garden – again giving that illusion o more space.


6. Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

As well as looking pretty, your aluminium bi folding windows are also extremely energy efficient. That’s because, due to the strength of your aluminium, these frames can hold triple glazing panes. This added level of glazing will keep the heat in your home and might even help save you a few pennies on your heating bill.

Just think, on a particularly stormy or chilly night, you can relax in your cosy home, enjoying the rain lashing against your new gorgeous windows.


7. They’re Not Just for the Outdoors

Aluminium bi folding doors aren’t just suitable for adding access to your outdoors, though. They can also be wonderful throughout your home too. Take for instance a kitchen and dining area, on some nights you might be hosting a dinner party where you’d like the doors open so you can interact.

Then, on other nights where you’d like your two rooms shut off, just close over your doors. You could even add bi fold doors to split up a bedroom with siblings, using a privacy partition over your glass.

These types of doors also look exceptional in office spaces too. Ideal for those looking to have a versatile open space, that can also be closed off for more private meetings.


Would you like to speak to one of our Glaze Aluminium experts for advice on adding bi folding doors today? Well, just get in touch today!

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