Why Aluminium Is The Perfect Solution For Your Shop Front Or Business

From small single storey retail outlets to large supermarkets and department stores, a shop front should promote your business and help to entice potential customers inside.

Commercial aluminium shop fronts are one of the most popular choices available to their durability, high strength and an increased security.

Each is built to specification and can be glazed with a variety of different glass types to suit your specific needs and individual requirements.

Here are five reasons why aluminium is now the preferred material for modern shop fronts and business entrances.


Environmentally Friendly

Aluminium is 100% recyclable, which means that it is great for the environment and even if it has been recycled its strength is not diminished – providing all the benefits of strength and versatility, while also keeping your carbon footprint low.



Aluminium is an extremely versatile material while also being stronger than the likes of PVC, so by bending and curving to any shape in the fabrication process, your aluminium shop front can be smooth, sleek and modern looking, without the need for unsightly joints or rivets.


Easy to Update

As aluminium shop fronts can be sprayed or painted, this allows you to adapt your façade to suit the needs of your business and change your colour scheme and business branding without the need for a complete refit.


Perfect for any weather

Aluminium shop fronts are designed to withstand everything the weather has to throw at them and because aluminium does not rust in the rain, and does not heat up in direct sunlight, it makes it the perfect material for the shop fronts.


Great Strength

Aluminium is an inherently strong material, meaning Aluminium shop front systems can support large sections of glazing with slim line frames – enabling you to create a showcase for your products and display them within an attractive frame.


Talk to us about aluminium shop fronts

Our Aluminium shopfronts are available in wide range of colours and styles offering the best combination of style, weather-proofing and safety.

You will also get a chance to secure your aluminium shopfronts with modern roller shutters, which will protect your glass doors from vandalism and unauthorized access even when you are closed.

Here at Glaze Aluminium, based in Liverpool, we are the experts when it comes to aluminium shop fronts, across the North West, whatever your business.

Our team can chat through the options with you, helping you come to an informed and accurate decision to suit your precise needs.


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