What to Consider When Choosing Frameless Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are becoming increasingly popular for both home and business premises, not surprising really seeing as they are stylish, modern, simple to maintain and easy clean.

Frameless glass balustrades can add the perfect finishing touch to any stairway, allowing more light while creating a feeling of space and natural light to any staircase.

While various materials can be used to design a striking and functional balustrade, the glass balustrade has become extremely popular over the recent years, because of its countless benefits.

Once you’ve decided to go for a glass balustrade or glass balcony, you’ll have a few things to think about, so we’ve looked at the questions you should ask when choosing frameless glass balustrades.


Clear glass or frosted?

The first decision to make is whether you want your glass stair balustrade to be transparent or obscure. 

Frosted or obscure glass balustrades can be used to add a variety of visual characteristics to your stairwell and can diffuse light evenly across an area without allowing full transparency.

On the other hand, clear frameless glass balustrades offer less resistance to light, creating a more airy appearance and the feeling of greater space.


Inside or out?

Glass balustrades can be installed inside or outside your property; as a result, specification can vary slightly. 

So have a think about where you want your new balustrade system to be located? If inside, will it need a hand-rail? If outside, will it require extra weather-proofing?

Although glass balustrades are extremely versatile and work well internally or externally, make sure you are aware of all the variables before proceeding with the installation.


With frames or without?

This decision is largely a matter of taste and aesthetic preference as there is no real difference when it comes to strength or durability.

A glass staircase balustrade which has no frame encourages the illusion of space as the panels appear to be floating in air with no limitations or boundaries. 

Meanwhile, a framed balustrade provides its own stylish aesthetic and additional safety that blend seamlessly with existing architectural features.


Will maintenance be easy?

Maintaining your newly installed glass balustrade really couldn’t be easier and doesn’t require industrial cleaning materials or professional assistance.

Not only do glass balustrades look fabulous, they are also easy to keep clean with glass cleaning products and a lint-free cloth are all you need to keep your new installation in tip-top condition. 

And should your balustrade suffer scratches or any other damage, polishing can restore the glass to the original beauty, which is a major advantage when compared to metal or wood products.


Glass or wood?

Despite preconceptions, glass is actually an extremely durable material, meaning that, as well as looking incredible, glass balustrade are exceptionally robust.

Not only that, but over time, glass will continue to maintain its strength, making it a better choice than wood, which is often prone to pest infestation or corrosion after a few years.

Glass also ages slowly, while its excellent durability makes it well worth your investment, since glass balustrades have the ability to last for many years.


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