What are the Benefits of Aluminium Curtain Walling?

Although the idea of aluminium curtain walling might seem alien to you, the likelihood is, you see examples of this structure every day. That’s because, particularly with commercial buildings and buildings of notable architecture, an aluminium curtain wall can give a building a very appealing appearance, while still having a host of practical advantages. 

Originally made in steel, curtain walls are now made in aluminium due to its lightweight properties. These walls are then generally filled with glass or other materials to create the aesthetic of the building in question. 

Interestingly, the actual idea of a curtain wall has been around since medieval times, when our ancestors created these additions to their buildings to not only keep out the elements, but to keep out their enemies. Of course, in modern times, we don’t need to worry about armies invading our villages, which is why aluminium curtain walling is popular for its other benefits. 

Here are just some of the ways aluminium curtain walling could improve your building structure: 


1. Keeping Out the Elements 

When it comes to curtain walls, we know that they were first created to keep out weather such as wind and rain. However, this is still an important benefit to this day. As, while a normal building surface will also keep out the elements, your aluminium curtain walling should be thought of as an extra protective layer, which with insulate as well as block out wind and rain. 

Even better, unlike some other building surfaces, your aluminium curtain wall is very easy and cost-effective to maintain – ideal for environments that get a lot of rain.


2. Attractive Design Values 

While the most important benefit of aluminium curtain walling is the fact that it can help protect a building, the fact that this structure can really add to the design value of a building makes it extremely popular for architects and designers alike. 

For one, the addition of curtain walling makes for an incredibly modern building, with clean lines that are pleasing to the eye. Plus, due to the flexibility and lightweight values of this type of curtain walling, it allows architects to let their imaginations run wild, creating notable structures that become the talk of a city. 

Indeed, no matter if you’re looking for a curved building, one with extreme and interesting angles or just a straight-up and down classic that will sit on city’s skyline for decades to come – aluminium curtain walling will help that dream building come into reality. 

Even better, if you want a unique building, you can really experiment with the materials that you use within your curtain walling. For instance, when it comes to glass, you may wish to consider other colours rather than the traditional transparent used. You can even experiment with the shapes of glass you use, using triangles or other shapes rather than the regular square or rectangle. 

There is also scope to use other materials within this flexible structure, with many architects successfully adding components such as stone and other metals to their curtain walling. 


3. Natural Light 

When it comes to designing a building, how much natural light gets into that building is an important consideration. That’s because, whether it’s office blocks or a hospital, natural light helps those inside that building feel better and work more efficiently. 

Even better, with more natural light, less energy is wasted on artificial lighting costs, which helps the environment too. It may even improve the overall value of a property, as with a lot of natural light of views of the outdoors, that building instantly becomes more attractive to prospective buyers. 

The glass used can even be treated with UV filters, which will help keep the contents inside from fading – ideal for use in a gallery or museum. 

Of course, not every building structure allows for a lot of natural light easily. Which is where your aluminium curtain walling systems become so useful, as these walls are a simple way to ensure you can add a lot of glass to your building and ensure lots of daylight gets in. 


4. Thermal Regulation 

Often known for keeping the elements out, aluminium curtain walling is also particularly good at keeping heat in – making it ideal for thermal regulation. That’s because, when you add a curtain wall to your building, you’re adding another layer to it, which will help regulate the temperature within. 

This means, over time, the costs of keeping the temperature inside your building pleasant will become reduced. Plus, when combined with other tricks to regulate temperature, your curtain wall can actually help get you a better BREEAM rating


5. Structural Stability 

You may not think of an aluminium curtain wall as something that can strengthen your building – especially for such a lightweight structure often filled with glass. However, because these structures often span a number of floors, they actually reduce sway in that building (especially taller buildings) and allow it to withstand very strong winds. 

Not only that, your curtain walling system can also assist in issues such as water diversion as well as thermal contraction and expansion. 


6. Lightweight and Flexible 

As your curtain wall doesn’t need to support anything bar itself, it can be made from a variety of lightweight materials as well as aluminium. This means, if you like the idea of a curtain wall, but you want something that is less modern and more natural, you can choose to add timber alongside the aluminium. 

This means that the design of your curtain walling can be incredibly flexible, taking in your own personal aesthetics as well as creating a structure that will help strengthen your building. 


7. Stopping the Spread of Fire 

If a disaster does happen in a building, such as a fire, your aluminium curtain walling from Glaze Aluminium can help curtail that fire by helping to prevent spread across the surface of that building. As, when it comes to tall buildings, fires can often spread from floor to floor upwards using the outside surface. 

Overall, the benefits of curtain walling make it the ideal addition to any commercial building you may be planning. If you are interested in aluminium curtain walling, yet you’re unsure on if it’s right for you, simply get in touch with one of our experts today and we’ll help advise you. 

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