Transform Your Commercial Building with Aluminium Bifold Doors

Whether you are creating a new commercial property, or you are looking to overhaul an existing building, you may wish to consider adding aluminium bifold doors onto your property wish list. That is because with such a long list of benefits, these doors can really help you turn a commercial space into the contemporary masterpiece you have been envisaging.

Interested? Well here are just some of the ways aluminium bifold doors can transform your business:


1: Aluminium Bifold Create a Bigger Looking Space

Regardless of whether your commercial building is an office, a gallery or a showroom, everyone wants their space to feel bigger than it is. This is especially important for commercial buildings where you want to either impress potential clients or customers or you’re using that space as a backdrop to sell your products.

Which is where aluminium bifold doors come in as these doors, when added to a space, can really trick the eye into thinking that space is bigger. Take an office setting, for instance, if you separate offices this can look very closed off when you have plastered walls and solid doors. Which can make both employees and visitors feel claustrophobic.

Instead, by splitting offices with bifolding doors, you have the flexibility to open offices into a more open plan spacing yet still reserve the ability to shut doors off for privacy in meetings. Effectively allowing you to have both closed office spaces and open plan working at the same time.

Not only will this open plan working give a sense of space, you will also get a lot more natural light pouring through the space, again making things look bigger. Plus, by using aluminium frames, these are far less bulky than other materials, so will take up less room.


2: Aluminium Bifold Doors Look Contemporary

When many of us think of bifold doors, we conjure up images of those ugly uPVC French doors you’d find if your grandparents dining room that looked big and unappealing. When it comes to aluminium bifolding doors, though, not only are these far slimmer in comparison but they also look incredibly contemporary.

Indeed, no matter what your commercial space looks like, your chosen frames can be matched to the rest of your office or showroom, including wood effects and different colours as well as the metallic finish you might imagine.

Unlike other materials, aluminium also gives you the flexibility to use on trickier sections of buildings such as corners and to use as effectively ceiling to floor windows – which will be ideal for a car showroom.


3: Aluminium is a Low Maintenance Material

If you plan to use a large number of bifold doors throughout your commercial space, the last thing you want is a material that needs a lot of upkeep or may need replaced. Which is why aluminium is perfect, as it won’t rot, peel or corrode over time.

This is especially good if you wanted to add some bifold doors that come from the outside, as you won’t need to worry about the elements ruining your new door installations.


4: Aluminium is an Energy Efficient Material

As important as it is that your aluminium bifold doors look good, it is also important that they bring other benefits to your commercial space. Such as the fact that aluminium is a very energy efficient material that can be used in your door frames, as this metal absorbs and holds its heat proving effective installation.

Aluminium frames are also strong enough to hold triple glazing, which is likewise very energy efficient and may just help you to keep your company energy bill down.


5: Aluminium Provides a High Level of Security

Commercial spaces can be put-off by the idea of bifolding doors, especially on outer doors, as they believe these aluminium frames could be easy to break into and steal from the property. However, aluminium is a very strong metal, especially when it is mixed with alloys when it is manufactured. Which is why you can have such thin aluminium frames compared to other materials, as it is that strong.

It’s also possible to add various security mechanisms to your bifolding doors for a better level of security, making it just as protective as a regular door.


6: Aluminium is an Environmentally Friendly Material

It doesn’t matter if you are a business, an architect or just an individual, it is important for us all to be conscious of our carbon footprint. Which is why aluminium is such a good material to use, as this metal can be 100% recycled and reused over and over again.

Plus, when you reuse aluminium, the process to recycle it only takes 5% of the energy it would take to make it from scratch. This is something you can really showcase in your commercial space, showing that not only does your space look better for your bifold doors but you are also helping to do your bit for the planet, which could make you appeal to more customers.


7: Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Aluminium bifold doors give a commercial property the unique opportunity to bring the joy of the outdoors inside your property, providing a more pleasant environment for both staff and employees. For instance, you could own a bar with a beer garden, and use bifold doors so that you can open a section of your wall entirely up, making it easier for everyone to enjoy a nice day.
The same idea goes for offices, which can often become dark and stuffy, if you have a wall space to add some bifolding doors, you could open that office space onto a nice garden area. Not only will this make your office more attractive, but your office space will also benefit from a lot more natural light, which will help keep employees feeling awake and motivated.


If you would like to hear about how aluminium bifold doors could transform your commercial space, simply send us over an email or give us a ring.

The expert team here at Glaze Aluminium can chat through your property plans with you.

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