The Benefits of Aluminium Sliding Doors


For most homeowners, utilising space and natural light is top of our wish lists when it comes to improving our houses. Which is why aluminium sliding doors are fast becoming the most popular way to make our homes look modern as well as adding value to that house. 

Yet these aren’t the only benefits to adding sliding doors to your home. Indeed, below you’ll find a long list of the reasons of why these particular types of door are so wonderful. Which means, before you know it, you’ll be measuring up to see where your new aluminium sliding doors will be going!


Environmentally Friendly 

As Glaze aluminium doors are large panes of glass, these doors let far more natural light into your home compared with something like a patio door, which will have PVC panelling. By adding more natural light to your home, you are less likely to need artificial lighting during the day, reducing the amount of energy you use. 

Similarly, because aluminium has a high thermal efficiency, when used with glass, you can think of your sliding doors as another layer of insulation in your home – even in winter. So, over time, you will also spend less money heating your home too. 


Ideal for Small Spaces 

When it comes to choosing your patio doors, you may have found that swinging doors – such as French doors – were just going to take up too much room in your home, meaning you would need to compromise on space. Which is why sliding aluminium doors are ideal for houses that are limited on free space, as here your doors will open by gliding along a track, without needing to swing. 

Plus, because your sliding doors open seamlessly, it can make both your indoor space and your garden feel larger. As you’ll not have a protrusive barrier of a door between the two spaces. 


Bring the Outdoors Indoors 

One of the best advantages of Glaze aluminium sliding doors, is the fact that you can bring the freshness of the outdoors into your home. Which means, on a nice sunny day, simply slide open your doors and let the warm sunshine in. Plus, by having such a door open, you’ll be able to reduce the temperature indoors, making it far more pleasant. 

Even better, it’s not just in summer that you’ll love your sliding doors, as all through the year you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the views of your garden and nature. In particular, on a stormy night, there is nothing cosier than having a roaring fire while the rain batters against the glass. 

Nor will you need to worry about the elements getting in. As because your glass sliding doors are glazed and insulated, they will keep the wind, rain and cold out. Your glass can also be treated with UV filters, which will protect your belongings from getting faded from sun exposure. 


Extremely Convenient

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of aluminium sliding doors is the convenience they bring to households. As, rather than wrestling with a patio door, trying to get it open and then propping the door open with a chair or something similar, all you need to do is slide your door open for fast and easy access to your garden. 

These sliding doors are particularly ideal for parents or dog owners, as you can sit back on the sofa with a cup of tea while either plays in the garden, safe in the knowledge that you can see everything that they’re up to! Plus, as the doors slide away, you don’t need to be worried about small fingers getting stuck in hinges. 


Sliding Doors Are Very Stylish 

For many of us, when we think of sliding doors, we remember the less than pretty doors our parents had decades ago. Not only were many of these of eyesores, the actual doors would easily become stuck, making them a nightmare to use. 

Yet, these days, aluminium sliding doors are actually an incredibly stylish to any home. Not only do doors open seamlessly, opening your space up to the outdoors, but sliding doors are now a favourite design aesthetic for architects all over the world. 

Indeed, don’t just think of your sliding doors as a practical and functional way for you to get outdoors. With Glaze Aluminium, we can help design your doors to entirely fit into the look and feel of your home. 

So, no matter if you’re looking for a bright and bold design that’s the centre focus of your room, or you’re looking for a subtle frame that magnifies the natural beauty of your garden – we have a set of sliding doors for every vision. 


Ideal for Office Environments  

When we consider sliding doors, we usually only look at the benefits these doors will bring to a home. However, sliding doors also offer a host of benefits for businesses too. 

For one, by having sliding doors as a way to split up offices, you’ll be giving employees a lot of flexibility when it comes to being open plan. For instance, a manager may offer an open-door policy, yet if it’s difficult to keep that door physically open, others may be reluctant to come knocking. A sliding door will make it easy for you to leave your door open or close it when it a meeting. 

The modern style of aluminium sliding doors is particularly beneficial for offices as well. As, by adding these types of doors to your commercial space, you will be bringing a lot of natural light and a feeling of space to that office. Both of which make your office look more inviting and modern to potential customers or clients. 

Plus, by adding more daylight to your office, your employees will feel less tired and more motivated – making for a far more efficient workforce. 


Would you like to know where to buy aluminium sliding doors? Well, here at Glaze Aluminium we can help you decide the perfect place for your sliding doors as well as finding a design that suits your home and style. Simply get in touch today for a quote

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