Rain Screen Cladding

Rain Screen Cladding has grown more and more popular in recent years as homeowners and office landlords have reaped the benefits of having this in place on the exterior of a building. Rain Screen Cladding essentially provides an extra layer of protection to the outer cladding of a complex, which is most important when it comes to the gradual wear and tear caused by adverse weather.

A typical building will cope fine in any conditions, but it is the general erosion of the outer cladding that happens over the course of several months and years which weakens it and ultimately places the building at an increased level of risk, as well as damaging both the visual look and overall foundations of the structure.

Rain Screen Cladding seeks to prevent this from occurring by surrounding the outer cladding and/or the outer layers of brickwork upon which the building has been designed. It can be applied during initial construction for anyone reading this who is currently having a new house built, or it can be applied after the building is in place, though by that stage, the outer cladding might already have suffered some problems.

Rain Screen Cladding succeeds because it is resistant to moisture, which means that even extensive showers of rain and flooding on the ground by the base of the building cannot do any harm to the structure itself, thus keeping it safe during even the most torrential periods of rainfall.

As a result, Rain Screen Cladding is a perfect option to consider for anyone who lives in an area where heavy showers are a normality, as well as any locations which are renowned for suffering from floods during the winter season. It also pays to be safe by adding that extra layer of protection to the outer cladding and/or the original foundations of the complex when it was first built, because over time, these materials can become weaker and thus result in extensive reconstruction in the future.

Such a process will be delayed and minimalised significantly with the addition of Rain Screen Cladding, and as we have noted, this can be put in place before the construction of the house or office has been completed, keeping the foundations safe from day one.

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