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Glass Balustrades & Balconies

One of the issues that both homeowners and office managers face when decorating the outside of their buildings comes with having panels in place that are both strong and visually pleasing. Sometimes, there can be panels which do the job but are unsightly on the eye.

In other cases, people will pick panels that look stunning from a distance, but they are not securely designed and thus can bring about safety hazards which compromise any benefits that come from what they look like. There is a way to achieve both goals, however, and that is by deciding to utilise our Glass Balustrades.

Glass Balustrades make the most of the primary panel material, that being glass. Rather than including glass at a low level within the centre of a non-transparent material, the glass represents the panel as a whole. This allows anyone passing by to have a great view through the balustrades towards the distance, which depending on the garden size could be quite significant, as Glass Balustrades are a fixture of large complexes and country homes.

They are tightly fitted and can withstand all winds and weather conditions, as well as providing a horizontal bar on which you can rest your arms while admiring the view that is in front of you.

In addition, there is great flexibility with the forms and sizes of Glass Balustrades. Not only can you have smaller panels which are perfectly suited for balconies and porches, but you can also configure the actual shape of the design however you please. If you want a straight-forward row of basic panels, that can be done; if you want to create a box-like shape, that is doable as well; if you want to make something of a diagonal line that stretches across a large pathway at the back of the building, that can be done too.

There is no limit besides one’s creativity and vision as to what effect these glass balustrades can create when built, which makes these a real winner for anyone seeking the best panels possible.


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