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Composite Windows & Doors

Composite Windows and Doors make the most of both aluminium and timber. Some entry points are designed solely using aluminium, which is light, cheap and a long-term recyclable solution, whilst others prefer timber, which provides increased durability but has less longevity.

Composite Windows and Doors bring the two materials together, allowing them to work as a combined tandem that utilises the top features of both options, and the upshot is that the homeowner or office proprietor is able to benefit from the standout elements of each one, providing more strength and a longer life span to their windows and doors.

Indeed, they bring the strength that aluminium already has along with the extra power of timber wood. They offer an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly balance that each of them on their own could not provide. The aluminium cladding allows for the timber to receive sufficient maintenance without the fear of them wearing away, which would be the case if it were timber alone where it would need extra care and attention to last for the long term.

It also becomes cheaper for the customer, and not just because aluminium itself is low cost, but because it brings down the price of the timber as it merges with another material, meaning that charges are lowered significantly.

As if their effectiveness and general usage are not enough, they also allow for flexibility on their design, covering a wide scope of shapes, heights, lengths, colours and more; there is no one style that you would have to stick to, as there would be plenty of room for manoeuvre to try different options as a way of determining what looked and worked best.

These are just some of the many reasons why so many people decide to purchase Composite Windows and Doors, and you could benefit from them too, especially given the excellent range of products for this area that we have here at Glaze Aluminium.


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