Curtain Walling


Aluminium Curtain Walling

Curtain walling is applied to the outside of a building, either for a specific room, for a specific floor or for the entirety of the complex, with the intention being to provide a cosmetic enhancement to how the building would otherwise look from an external viewpoint.

It essentially forms a cover over the brick layer that the foundations of the structure are formed upon.The larger the building is, the more that the curtain walling can stand out, especially if the building happens to be a cultural landmark or a new innovation that is primarily designed to attract attention.

The best way to achieve this is to use Aluminium Curtain Walling. Aluminium provides a thin frame made out of the original material along with a combination of glass, metal or stone particles. It protects the building and keeps the structure intact from any damage caused by the likes of weather or general decomposition over time, as well as allowing the complex to look visually impressive.

The aluminium can be applied in a range of colours and effects to have the building match the vision that the owner of the property would want. What’s more, various shapes and sizes can be applied to the aluminium pieces that are fitted onto the outside of the building, and there can also be the subsequent addition of LED lighting effects should the owners wish for messages or designs to be sported for all to see when viewing from afar.

In addition, Aluminium Curtain Walling has major benefits inside the complex as well. The use of lightweight glass allows sunlight and reflection to peer through from the windows to a greater distance than the case would be for a regular office block.

There are also thermal boosts: because the aluminium material will attract more heat than typical brickwork would on the exterior of a structure, this would feed through towards the inside, meaning that the interior rooms most closely situated to the outer edges of the building will become warmer as a result.


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