How Energy efficient are Aluminium Windows

If you’re considering getting energy efficient windows, there’s no doubt that aluminium windows are on your list of options.

Whilst aluminium windows have a wide range of advantages of both a practical and aesthetic nature, their capacity to serve as an energy efficient feature of your home is something that attracts people repeatedly, especially due to the versatility with which they can be designed, arranged, and fitted.

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Why you should change your windows to aluminium

Before looking specifically at the energy efficient qualities of aluminium windows, it’s worth looking at some of the other reasons why you should change your windows to aluminium.

Not only are aluminium windows durable, but they are also easy to maintain, as well as being suitable for different types of design due to being a versatile material.

It is also worth considering that different types of window systems can be fitted, meaning you can control the amount of natural light that comes into a room with relative ease.

These advantages, when combined with how energy efficient aluminium windows are, offer just a hint at what you can gain through choosing aluminium windows.


What are the Advantages?

Aluminium windows have several features that contribute to the advantage they have over other materials when it comes to energy efficiency.

Firstly, improvements in heat gain and loss can be increased by up to 60% through use of thermal break technology, which functions firstly through a layer of resin, and secondly through a polyamide bar. These breaks create an insulated barrier within the window frame preventing heat loss, conducting cold, heat, and even noise at an incredibly slow rate.

Another advantage is the amount of window space you can utilise due to the strength of aluminium frames.

Strong, thin frames mean more natural light, a particularly good advantage in summer, as it reduces energy costs significantly over long periods of time. As a large amount of the light that comes through your windows is transformed into heat, there are also thermal advantages to this feature of aluminium windows.

As well as this, aluminium window frames, unlike timber and other materials, are strong and highly resistant to weathering, particularly when it comes to its capacity to be warped, twisted, or misshapen over time. When materials can be affected in this way, they allow heat to escape through the gaps in surfaces that are naturally created, as well as being prone to drafts.

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How are energy efficient windows rated?

Put simply, window energy ratings let you compare the energy efficiency of different types of windows, helping you choose the right windows for your home.

As properly fitted, energy efficient windows can save you money over long periods of time, these ratings are based on how well this is done, with A++ being the highest rating, and E being the lowest.

Such factors are considered by the British Fenestration Council, as well as other professional bodies, often presented through a colour-coded label.

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More Information…

Due to having so many advantages, aluminium windows are becoming increasingly popular, with the benefits mentioned above only scratching the surface of what they can offer.

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