Bifold Doors Or Sliding Doors Which Is Best For My Home?

Modern aluminium glazed doors, whether bifold or sliding, are one of the most sought-after features in the modern home.

As a result, they are one of the main additions people use to maximise natural light in the home when they are extending or planning a renovation.

So when it comes to choosing between bifold doors or aluminium sliding doors – it really is a case of which option will best suit your needs.

Both offer durability, sustainability and style, it’s just a matter of weighing up the practical and stylistic features of both.


What Are Bifold Doors?

Bifolding doors use a dual roller system at the bottom with the panel tops also guided by rollers for smooth running and easy operation.

As a result, there are no heavy-weight lintels required as the doors are bottom rolling and not hung from the top.

Not only are they lightweight and intricately designed, but the aluminium gives these doors, which can be opened and closed to meet your exact ventilation requirements, a unique appearance.

What’s more, the glass panels allow plenty of sunlight to shine through even when the doors are closed, and you have the best.


What Are Aluminium Sliding Doors?

Aluminium sliding doors combine state-of-the-art performance with arresting aesthetics to provide the perfect door system solution and can transform any home – bringing a house to life.

The effortless lift-and-slide mechanism makes it possible to open and close even the biggest aluminium doors – so are perfect for a room with a view.

Sliding doors offer industry leading maximum dimension as they can achieve up to three-and-a-half metres in height, and can be triple glazed to meet even the most exacting insulation requirements.

Designed with security and weather resistance in mind, our external sliding doors are always low maintenance, offer state-of-the-art performance and impressive aesthetics.


Bifold Doors v Sliding Doors

Not sure which to choose? These points will help you decide whether bifold doors or sliding doors are best for your home.



Sliding doors offer the most unrestricted view with two large panels, one sliding over the other, to give two wide apertures while bifold doors only offer a full view when completely open.



Bifold doors can be more versatile when it comes to access as you can open the whole space, or just one panel for everyday use. They are also better for creating a level threshold between outdoor and in, so there is no lip for people to trip over.


Thermal Performance

More frames in bifold doors often means more chances of thermal bridging which can lead to some sliding doors being better at keeping heat in.



Costs vary between both styles and it depends on who is installing them and the manufacturer of course – so it’s always best to shop around for the best options available to you.


Seek The Advice Of An Expert

If you’re still unsure about which option works best for you, why not chat to us?

Here at Glaze Aluminium, we stock both Aluminium bifold doors and aluminium sliding doors.

The expert team here at Glaze Aluminium can chat through the options with you, helping you come to an informed and accurate decision to suit your precise needs.

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