Aluminium Windows and Doors, The Perfect Choice

While aluminium doors and frames have always popular in commercial properties, in recent years they’ve also become a popular choice for homeowners too. Especially since nowadays aluminium frames also match the energy efficiency that you get with uPVC options.

Indeed, aluminium windows and doors are particularly liked because of all the advantages that come with this wonderful material:


1. More Glass and Less Frames

When manufactured, aluminium has various alloys added to the menu in order to make it stronger. In fact, once made, the frames of aluminium doors and windows are far stronger than options on the market. Because of this strength, it means you can have smaller and thinner frames, allowing you have to more glass.

This can be very aesthetically pleasing. Especially if you’d like a lot natural light into your home, as you’ll be able to add almost floor-to-ceiling windows in some rooms. Just think, if you have a particularly pleasing view of the sea or into the country, you don’t want a bulky frame cutting that view off, which can be avoided when using aluminium.

The same goes for aluminium sliding doors or aluminium bi folding doors, where more of your door will be dedicated to your glass rather than the actual frame – maximising your view of the outdoors. You can even throw open your doors, allowing you to bring your garden indoors.

Just think, during summer, just swing open your doors open, allowing the kids and your pets run around to their heart’s content while you can get on with a few tasks around the house, while still having everyone in full view!


2. Aluminium Gives a High Level of Security

The strength of aluminium isn’t just useful when it comes to the thinness of frames, it also adds a higher level of security to your home or commercial property. For one, this strength makes them harder to tamper with – such as with a crowbar. This will give both owners and property owners more peace of mind that they will be more protected from burglars.

Aluminium frames also come with multiple locking mechanism locations, which provides better overall security. As other frames may only give you one locking mechanism, which although secure, isn’t quite as secure as what your aluminium frame will give you.


3. Aluminium Doors and Windows Require Little Maintenance

When it comes to the weather, all the elements get chucked at your windows and doors. In the past, this meant that frames could easily become rusted and require maintenance. They may also need replaced sooner than you might have hoped.

When it comes to aluminium windows though, once treated and installed, your windows and doors will require very little work on your part. That’s because your frames will never rust, peel or rot, so you won’t need to spend money and time getting the frames painted and maintained.

Plus, unlike uPVC or timber frames, that are prone to swelling and cracking due to changes in the weather, this will not happen with your aluminium frames. Indeed, they’ll last for many years into the future!


4. Extremely Friendly to the Environment

We’re all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint a little, so you might be pleased to know that aluminium is 100% recyclable – no matter how long you’ve used the material in your window frames. Even better, when aluminium is recycled and reused, it uses around 5% of the its original energy to create something new, which will save energy in the future.

Plus, due to its strength, aluminium doors and windows can also handle the extremely energy efficient triple glazed windows. Not only does this type of glazing keep your home feeling quiet from the outside elements, it will also help you trap in heat and keep your home or office warmer. Which means your energy bills might get reduced too.


5. Your Designer Mind Can Go Wild

While most of us think of a shiny can of diet coke or a tin of beans when we picture aluminium, when it comes to your window or door frames, you have a lot of choice when it comes to the finish. Indeed, you have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of finishes, from powder to coatings to even wood effects.

As well as finish, you also get a lot of versatility when it comes to where you can put aluminium doors. For instance, if you’d like to add your bi folding doors in your home that incorporate a corner, then this can be possible. You could even choose more modern shapes such as triangular windows or windows that carry over multiple floors in the property.

Which means you can really make your home or commercial property look exactly as you’ve always dreamed.


6. You Have Lots of Options for Your Glass

While some window and door frames dictate the types of glass that can be contained in those frames, you have far more options with aluminium. As, as well as triple glazing, you can also think about adding extra UV protection, that will protect your furniture from getting damaged.

From a design point of view, you can also think about adding pattered or screened glass to your frames, which can look particularly effective when used in internal doors.

It’s also possible to add sashes and beading to your windows, making your windows stand out from other houses on your street. Plus, while you might want your exterior frames to match the brick on the colour your home, the interior can be a different colour that matched the inside of your home better. Which is ideal for everyone looking for the best of both worlds!

Whether you’re new to the idea of aluminium doors and windows or you’re looking for a quote, you can get in touch with one the experts here at Glaze Aluminium who will be happy to chat you through any questions that you might have.

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