Aluminium Roof Lights or Aluminium Roof Lanterns?

The Sky’s the Limit

When it comes to choosing between flat aluminium roof lights or aluminium roof lanterns, the question arises as to which option will best suit your needs.

Whether it is your home or your business, nothing diminishes the ambience of a space like the flat grey tone that comes with a lack of natural light.

When using aluminium, there are no concerns when it comes to durability, sustainability and style, it is simply a matter of weighing up the practical and stylistic features of both – here is what they have to offer.


Flat Aluminium Roof Lights

Flat aluminium roof lights are perfect for rooms beneath a flat roof, opening them up to receive a significant amount of extra natural light, as well as carrying the option to be installed with hinges to provide extra ventilation.

With the option of tailoring designs and combinations to fit the internal dimensions of a room, flat aluminium roof lights can be configured in countless ways to invigorate the interior of the space, allowing you to choose not just how much extra light you will get, but how and from which position it enters the room.

As well as being a natural source of light and air, aluminium roof lights can optimise your sense of space by bringing the outside in, providing a renovation, extension or loft conversion with a feeling of openness.

As a final bonus, flat aluminium roof lights blend into the interior and exterior of your property, transforming the feel of a room with minimal intrusion.


Aluminium Roof Lanterns

The stand-out characteristic of aluminium roof lanterns is their design. Stylishly altering the shape of a room, they also make it feel bigger, giving it an open sense of height and depth. Whilst doing so, they also transform the exterior of the property by adding an elegant architectural feature.

Although they are versatile with regards to shape and size, aluminium roof lanterns generally consist of angled glass supported by a frame, allowing light into its interior from all sides. Not only does this allow natural light to flood into the room, it also distributes it evenly, encompassing more of the space.

Roof lanterns are also an excellent option for providing your property with thermal efficiency, holding heat in during the winter and deflecting it away throughout the summer. By conserving both thermal and luminous energy, aluminium roof lanterns are decorative features that also champion sustainability.


Which is the one for Me?

By using aluminium, both options will provide you with a low maintenance, sustainable means of bringing extra natural light to your property. Despite this key similarity, the important difference between roof lights and roof lanterns is how they effect your property inside and out.

If you want more light, but want this to happen with minimal disruption, then aluminium roof lights, which can also be more cost effective, might be the best for you.

On the other hand, if an even distribution of light, provided by a stunning architectural feature, is what you want, then aluminium roof lanterns will give you this.


Seek the advice of an expert

If you’re still unsure about which option works best for you, why not chat to us?

Here at Glaze Aluminium, we stock a plethora of options for Aluminium Roof Lights or Aluminium Roof Lanterns.

The expert team here at Glaze Aluminium can chat through the options with you, helping you come to an informed and accurate decision to suit your precise needs.

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